Wendy Croy

Volunteer Coordinator & Animal Welfare Coordinator

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Wendy has worked very hard for the bullies through the years and has truly proven her dedication through fostering, events and advocating.  It was Wendy's desire to make a difference in the lives of bully breeds when she became volunteer for a local Phoenix shelter in early 2012. Since that time, she has fostered many dogs in her home along with her own three Pitbull mixes and her Rottie. Wendy has a way with dogs that seems to bring ease to them, but she is also a true pack leader and loyal friend.



  •  Therapy Dog Certification through the Delta Society~Gabriel's Angels' Volunteer Therapy Dog Team Member 1998.
  •  Arizona Animal Advocates Volunteer  Conference February 25, 2007.
  •  Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA, Certificate of Appreciation March 25, 2007, four years of shelter service.
  •  Jeff Gellman-Solid K9 RV Dog Training   Seminar 2014.
  • Jay Jack Seminar- Spring Pole, Tug and Everything in Between & Weight Pull for Relationship Development 2015. 


The Founder of Bully Pride of Arizona, Monique, began her involvement working with shelter dogs at the Arizona Animal Welfare League in 2005. Her special interest was working in the kennels with the behaviorally challenged "misunderstood" bully breeds.  After four years of volunteering at the shelter, Monique began volunteering with various rescue groups throughout  Maricopa County. In 2012, Monique became the Co-Founder and Executive Director of a Bully Breed Rescue in Phoenix. Realizing the need to offer support and education to the community, in January of 2015, Monique resigned from that group and became the Founder of Bully Pride of Arizona. Her goal now is not only to directly help dogs, but to help the community and provide resources, support and education, which in turn will help others that also have a passion to help the voiceless. 

​​Providing the community with bully breed education, shelter system information, offering training tips, trainer referrals and foster dog training classes. Offering information regarding bully breed housing, insurance, resources and offering courtesy posts to promote adoptions. Advocating against the inhumane activity of dogfighting, chaining and the unethical practice of backyard breeding. Striving to help bully breeds obtain a positive image through education despite the image that the general public has of them due to misinformation and media sensationalism. Promoting rescue, adoption, spaying/neutering and responsible bully ownership.

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Bully Breed Advocacy & Community Resource Center